Immanuel Lutheran Council Minutes

Immanuel Luther Church Council Meeting Minutes:

Date of Meeting: September 15, 2020

Start Time: 7:03 p.m.  End Time: 7:45 p.m.

Attendees: Monica Eggert, Pastor Bob Dahm, Roxie Anderson, Matt Main, Jan Anderson, Dena Cress, Brad Voeltz

Absent:  David Rosen, Geoff Phillips, Laura Briesemeister



  1. Pastor’s Report 

  2. Treasurer’s Report – Brad made motion; Jan seconded; motion carried

  3. Secretary’s Report – Monica made motion; Jan seconded; motion carried

  4. Sunday School Committee Update: None


Old Business

  1. The children’s donation jar designation. Matt made a motion to put change jar to “ELCA Good Gifts” for God’s Work. Our Hands. Brad made second motion; motion carried.

  2. Driveway update:Culvert will be put in later this week or next.

  3. Lawn mower repaired.

  4. A discussion was held about the first church service. It was noted that the service was nice and it was good to be back. Continue to do the same thing for continued services.


Unfinished Business

  1. Ladies Aide – invite the ladies of the church to a round table talk about reviving Ladies Aide. Consider inviting Laurie Wells to come and speak about the topic. Tabled for now.

  2. Consider having one Sunday a month to be a contemporary service. It was recommended to have a meeting setup with the worship committee, to discuss further. Matt offered to look into this as well as Laura offered to bring this to the Sunday School Committee. There was a discussion on what a contemporary service could look like as well as children services, types of music etc. Tabled for now.

  3. First Communion at the 5th grade level (up to parent’s discretion). Date TBD

  4. Feed My Starving Children update: Monica offered to work on this. It was mentioned that the facility in Eagan, MN is currently up and running at this time. Tabled for now.


New Business

  1. Matt received the Cemetery Rules sign. He offered to be in touch with Roger on how/where to post it.

  2. Matt offered to work on the lights that are failing as well as checking the furnace, and the doorstop.

  3. The pest guy was at the church on 9/11/20 to freshen up the inside traps as well as the shed.

  4. Monica suggested online banking. The group was okay with this. She will contact the bank to proceed (It took two week to get the bank statements).

  5. Sunday School will not start yet. Tiff to reach out to parents for their feedback.


Brad made motion to adjourn the meeting; Dena seconded; motion carried.

Next Meeting: October 13, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Laura Briesemeister, Church Council Secretary

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