Wilson Lutheran Council Meeting Highlights

October 10, 2019 Council Meeting Highlights: (Complete minutes are available in the office)
  • The financial statement was reviewed. Mike made a motion to match the $96.00 from the green jug for Lutheran Disaster Relief and round it off to make it an even $200.00. Sharon said WELCA would add an additional $100.00, second by Barb Lamb. Motion carried. Chuck Walz made a motion to approve the report, second by Sharon. Motion carried.

  • Barb Knopps made a motion for Doug Faber to be President of the Cemetery Committee, Louanne Anderson Secretary/Treasurer, Dean Rambo and Evan Peterson Board members, second by Mike. Motion carried. Dean will be meeting with the new committee to get their names on the accounts.

  • Inquiries were made with Gilman Cemetery Committee in regards to weather proof boxes displaying the rules for cemetery usage. The boxes they have are working well. We would need two of them. More online research will need to be done.

  • Mike will be purchasing new filters and garbage bags at Spring Valley Drug and Hardware.

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