Wilson Lutheran Council Meeting Highlights

December 10, 2020 Council Meeting Highlights: (Complete minutes are available in the office)‚Äč
  • Immanuel did agree to stop in-person services. The Presidents of each congregation will communicate when services will start again at the same time

  • Outdoor Communion and how it would be served was discussed. Pastor will continue out door drive by for the 20th and after that there will possibly be a portable hut/shack set up in the handicap parking area depending on the weather

  • Christmas Eve Worship will be a video service with special music from Matt and Chandra Lamb

  • Virtual Poinsettias can be purchased for $9 each - with the gift going to support our local five food pantries given in memory or honor of a loved one and displayed in the church window

  • 2021 Annual meeting will be the last Sunday in January

  • A motion was made by Barb Knopps to approve 1.2% increase in Pastors wages for 2021, Mike second. Motion carried

  • Louanne made a motion to give the same amount of money as last year for Christmas gifts to Pastor and working staff, second by Sharon. Motion carried

  • After reviewing the 2021 Ministry Statement Chuck Walz made a motion to approve the budget, second by Jerry. Motion carried

  • Thrivent Choice Dollars have been contributed to the food pantry

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